Papers on various retirement issues

RW2 for YOU™, our software for retirees and near-retirees, not only performs calculations and provides recommendations on financial issues, but also offers general advice on a variety of topics that are useful to people in this age group.

The software contains different versions of most of these write-ups, and the version you see depends on whether you indicate a preference for attacking retirement planning in greater or lesser detail, and depending on whether you have a numerical bent, or not.

Below, we offer a sample of these articles - though only one version of each. We intend to continue to add new topics frequently.

Budgeting and household finance:

Dealing With Financial Fraud

Annuities: Basics You Need to Know

What If You Run Out of Money?

Options for Obtaining Cash from Your Home's Equity

Are "Reverse Mortgages" a way to Raise Cash from the Value of Your Home?

Managing debt

Can You Afford to Take Investment Risks?

Conservative Investment Strategies and Financial Instruments

Working After Retirement

Life Insurance: Basics You Need to Know


Pensions, taxes, and legal issues:

How Social Security Fits into Your Future

Living Wills and Beyond: Planning for Possible Future Incapacity

Required Minimum Distributions

Retiring from the Family Business


Medical and long-term care:

Medical Insurance for Retirees: Basics You Need to Know

Long-Term Care Insurance: Basics You Need to Know

What is Your Life Expectancy?

When You or a Loved One Can No Longer Live Alone

Finding an Assisted Living Facility

Finding a Nursing Home or Hospice


Family matters:

For New Widows and Widowers

When Grown Children Move Back Home

When You Have to Raise a Grandchild

Making Loans and Gifts to Family Members

Providing Financially for your Special Needs Family Member


Non-financial topics:

Thinking about Your Basic Beliefs, Principles, and Values

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