What does RW2 for YOU™ do?

Above all else, RW2 for YOU™ will indicate whether your retirement appears to be financially secure, and under which circumstances you might be at more risk. Sound scary? It can be, but many of our customers get a happy surprise: they're better off than they thought they were. And they then can proceed with retirement having a lot more confidence. But either way, knowing where you are means you can make wiser decisions, making the most not only of your money, but of the the years you still have in front of you.

Unlike other retirement software, RW2 for YOU™ addresses all the major financial issues and decisions retirees face. Few families need to worry about more than a dozen of these issues, but for others, this number could reach as many as 30.

RW2 for YOU™ asks you questions about your financial situation, and determines which matters you need to consider. Then it advises you what to do about them. Letís look at some examples.

   Is your planned retirement date feasible? If not, how much longer should you plan on working?

   Should you accept an early retirement offer?

   Are your household expenses reasonable? Do you need to reduce them? Or can you afford to improve your standard of living, or afford some extra expenses?

   Do you need to sell your home, or extract some equity from it? If you have a vacation home, can you afford to keep it?

   What rate of return should you be targeting for your savings and investments?

   When should you, or other members of your household, start taking Social Security benefits?

   If you have a traditional pension plan, which payment option makes the most sense for your situation?

   Should you roll over your assets in employer-sponsored retirement plans into an IRA? Would a Roth IRA conversion be a good idea? Should you change your beneficiary designations?

   If you need to liquidate assets to provide necessary funds during retirement, which should you liquidate first?

   Should you pay off credit cards or other debt? Should you pay off a mortgage, or accelerate or refinance it?

   Should you hold onto existing life insurance policies? Do you need additional insurance for some reason?

   How would you or others in your household be provided for if long-term medical care is needed? Should you buy long-term care insurance? Do you need additional medical insurance?

   If you have parents or special needs children or others who are dependent on you, are they adequately provided for? What long-term strategy is best for a special needs dependent?

   Would an annuity that provides benefits for as long as you and/or your spouse live be a wise purchase for you?

   Do you have the legal documents you need in order to assure that your wishes are carried out in case of death or mental incapacity?

   Can you afford to bequeath to others the amounts you have in mind?

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