About RW2 for YOU™

RW2 for YOU™ is unlike any other retirement planning software you’ve seen. Based on the same cutting edge technology that underlies our products for financial professionals and institutions, RW2 for YOU™ is more than a calculator. It is a sophisticated program that provides comprehensive and integrated retirement advice based on your own unique circumstances. Until now, it was available – if at all – only through professional financial advisors.

Despite its extraordinary power, RW2 for YOU™ was designed to be clear and easy to follow. Whether you’re comfortable with numbers, or prefer concepts and descriptions; whether you are patient with detail or not, RW2 for YOU™ adapts to your style. In plain English, it asks you questions about your family situation, your goals and concerns, and the specifics of your finances – limiting the questions to only those that apply to you. Based on the information you provide, RW2 for YOU™ evaluates your financial situation, and makes clear, understandable recommendations for your retirement. And it provides detailed explanations. Though some questions might require a professional’s advice in order to implement, you will understand what they mean and why they were made.

You will have a plan you can live with – and retire with.

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